Ka helicopters for rent

Kamov Ka helicopters for rent

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Kamov Ka helicopters for rent

Ka-32A-medium transport helicopter-axial scheme with two turboval’nymi engines and chassis neubirajushhimisja.

Description of helicopter and aircraft performance characteristics: transport of 11 passengers inside the fuselage, or 3700 kg, maximum takeoff weight 12700 kg, maximum load capacity 5000 kg on the sling, two TV3-117vm x 2000 HP each, cruising speed 250 km/h.

The helicopter is actively used for transporting loads on the sling, including treljovki wood, construction works and fire-fighting. You can set different optional equipment of the Russian and foreign production.

Ka-32-multi-purpose helicopter, a recognized leader in its class, developed by Sukhoi. N.i. Kamov. The helicopter is designed for special search-and-rescue and construction works, transportation of goods inside the fuselage and on the sling, patrolling and other kinds of works.

The advantage of Ka-32:
1.Soosnaja scheme and the absence of tail rotor provide helicopter compactness, high power and agility, as well as excellent handling.
2.Has high loads of up to 5 tonnes of cargo on the sling.
3.Equipped with the latest avionics systems.

HELITAGE company has a staff of trained and experienced in carrying out construction work at Ka-32 helicopters in mountainous terrain, using the external fail. A shining example of professionalism of our employee is the attraction of our company for the construction of sports facilities for Sochi Olympics in mountainous terrain. The complexity of the erection of the Sochi facilities was that at high altitude, -3000 2500 metres, on the sling length 60-70 meters the pilots moved building materials and concrete.

On the MI-8MTV-1 and Ka-32A has basic and advanced communication tools, as well as a means in the secondary locations.

Pilots of aviation complex HELITAGE company capable of such a technologically complex work as installing pylons electric towers with on-board communications and oil rigs, cabling, laying pipelines, construction of high-rise buildings, installation of various designs on them, the construction of sports facilities in the mountains of Neu terrain, mounting and dismantling various expertise includes workshop manufacturing large engineering structures on any terrain. Engineering staff has access to work with external suspension by helicopter Ka-32A and MI-8MTV-1.

On any object and at each stage of work the company considers a matter of honor to uphold the highest standards of safety and quality of care.

In summary, we would like to say that we are open to partnerships with corporations and individuals on mutually beneficial terms.

Kamov 32 for rent.

Ka 32 for rent.

Technical characteristics of Ka-32

Maximum takeoff weight, kg


Lifting capacity, kg


Scope of upstream device, l


Maximum speed/cruise, km/h


Service ceiling, m


Static ceiling, m


Maximum flight range/. tanks, km




Cargo cabin dimensions (lxwxh), m

5.34 x 2.34 x 1.8

HB diameter, m


Kamov Ka helicopters for rent

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